Wordcamp Dublin 2017

Hi all, last year I arrived in Dublin and had a chance to participate on three Wordcamps in Europe. London, Vienna, and Belfast. The last one I did a presentation, was crazy because I replace a speaker 12 hours before the presentation. But in the end was nice the support that the community gives me, and I did my first presentation in Europe.

And this year I was selected to do a presentation on WordCamp Dublin 2017 will be my first WordCamp this year, Dublin is special because is a huge IT polo and Europe and a WordCamp here has a special meaning.  The event happens during two days  14 and 15 of October, two days talking about: Theme development, Boilerplating, Accelerated Mobile Pages, Content, SEO, Workflow, and E-commerce. You can check the schedule here:


Who knows the WordCamp, know the price is so low compared other events. The tickets are priced at  €35.


So have a look and see you there!

Feeding Google Search – Structure data

Content is one of the keys to the success on the internet, categorizing your content makes it more visible to the search engines and structure data will be your best friend to do it. This simple action could make you a step forward in the competitive market.  On 2011, Google, Bing and Yahoo launched an initiative called Schema.org, this project’s objective is to create and support schemas for structured data. And now this information start to be more relevant to the search engines, Google especially, uses the structure date to shows the content in a special format called Rich cards. Actually, Google.

Now, this information starts to be more relevant to the search engines, Google especially, uses the structure date to shows the content in a special format called Rich cards.

Actually, Google gives to us these options to pages enhancements: 

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Corporate contact information
  • Carousels for sequential results
  • Logos
  • Sitelinks Search box
  • Social profile links

Content types:

  • Articles
  • Books
  • Courses
  • Events
  • Job postings
  • Local businesses
  • Music
  • Products
  • Recipes
  • Tv and movies
  • Videos

For each situation, needs some required information, for example, recipes we will need to specify, numbers of calories, ingredients, and time to cook. Google uses the structure data to display these categories in a different layout in the search result, in that way help the users find the right content and increase the click rate for the websites that show the content with more quality.

Ok, what about the code?

There are three different formats JSON-LD(Recommended by google), Microdata and RDFa. For a long time, I used Microdata but now I’m working with different projects again and different markups the JSON-LD makes the changes simple.

Code examples:




As we can see above, JSON-LD we create a structure independent from the content. But we need write the same information twice. Microdata the advantage is we just need to write the content once but the information is totally markup dependent. Especially for articles, we have two different rich cards, one for pages that support AMP and other for Non-AMP pages.

Search result without AMP

Search result with AMP

After adding this information to your content we need to validate it, for that we use the Structured Data Testing Tool

If you are using WordPress there are many different plugins to use Structure data in your Website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/structured-data/

WordPress 4.7.5 e o que vem por ai com a versão 4.8

Nos últimos dias tivemos vários anuncios importantes referentes ao WordPress 4.8 a nova versão que esta em beta e outros referente a segurança:

Primeiro anuncio a versão 4.8 do WordPress não dara mais suporte as versões 8, 9 , 10 do internet explorer, Matt anunciou em seu blog que o suporte a essas versões está travando o desenvolvimento da plataforma. Todos os fronts comemoram essa decisão.

Ainda sobre a nova versão grandes mudanças foram anunciadas novos recursos para widgets, agora a widget de texto possui  um editor visual por padrão, antes era possível com adição de plugin. Também foram anunciadas três widgets uma de vídeo, audio e imagens.

Core Widgets on Twenty Seventeen

Segundo anuncio, aproveitando o gancho dos últimos incidentes e o grande ataque realizado pelo #wannacry,  o WordPress está engajado na comunidade hackerone. Para quem não conhece hackerone é uma plataforma que os usuários reportam falhas de segurança e recebem bonificações dependendo do nível da falha. Em seu perfil oficial, serão discutidos outros projetos como: BuddyPress, bbPress, GlotPress e WP-CLI. Até o momento 3.700 dolares foram repassados para 7 diferentes reports.

Finalizando, essa semana saiu uma atualização de segurança do WordPress, a versão 4.7.5 ela contém  seis correções de segurança e segundo o WordPress está atualização deve ser  realizada imediatamente. Os updates estão relacionados a nova parceria com o hackerone, são falhas referente a XSS, Cross Site request Forgery e melhorias na XML-RPC API.


WordPress Is Now on HackerOne, Launches Bug Bounties

WordPress 4.7.5 Patches Six Security Issues, Immediate Update Recommended


What to Expect in WordPress 4.8

Target Browser Coverage


Meetups… Meetups… and Volunteer job

In 2013 I used for the first time meetup.com, I was in San Francisco for me was the best opportunity to visit some companies and practice my listening skills. Because the meetups are organized for companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Github.  But my favorite meetups was the language exchange meetups, was the best experience meet people from different countries, was an opportunity to know I a little about different cultures.

2016 I arrived in Dublin and the platform still useful, but here in Dublin has some differences between San Francisco, the first thing the city are totally different, San Francisco has more Asians students, Dublin is full of Brazilians.

For me, the language exchange doesn’t work like San Francisco, because here in Dulin 90% of the group are Brazilians with a beginner or intermediate level. In San Francisco was common find an American trying to learn: Portuguese, Japanese or Spanish. Here is not common Irish engaged with this kind of event.

If you want to practice your conversation skill, try surf groups, running groups or dancing groups. These groups there are more native speakers than a language exchange group. Volunteer jobs also are a great opportunity to integrate with the local culture.

If you are a developer like me, there are more tips for you; the first some IT events need Volunteer, for example, WordCamps.

You can search for WordCamps next to you here:

Social media week it is an event about marketing also is possible work as a volunteer:

Get Involved

One Month ago, I started a new volunteer as a teacher in a Coder Dojo in Dun Laoghaire:


Basically, I’m teaching programming for children between 07 and 11 years old. It’s is a great opportunity to be integrated into the local community. There we use Scratch, It’s a drag-and-drop code tool, perfect for teaching children because is so visual.

During the Dojo, the children choose the challenge to code using a guide called sushi card.


The coder dojo Dun Laoghaire happen every Monday at Starbucks Marine Road (beside Nando’s). For me it’s one the best activities during my week, the children are so nice and have the feeling that I’m contributing to something.

Actually, we need more mentors if you are interested just fill the form to be a volunteer: https://coderdojo.com/volunteer/

Vulnerabilidade na versão 4.7 do WordPress

Uma das grandes features do WordPress lançada na versão 4.7, a API de REST possui uma vulnerabilidade. Se você utiliza esta versão corra já e atualize seu WordPress, nas versões 4.7 e 4.7.1 é possível injetar conteúdo em qualquer post, mesmo não estando logado. Alguns sites falam em 1.5 milhão de sites infectados.

A vulnerabilidade

Este bug foi corrigido na versão 4.7.2. A vulnerabilidade pode trazer um problema bem chato qualquer pessoa pode injetar conteúdo em seus posts através da WordPress REST API, um dos endpoints da API permite que os visitantes deslogados consigam editar, excluir e adicionar qualquer post do seu site ou blog.


Então fique de olho sempre deixe seu blog ou site atualizado e com backups em dia. Desde a versão 3.7 o WordPress possui updates do core automático, mas com um intervalo maior para realizar a atualizar nesse caso o melhor é antecipar a atualização para evitar dor de cabeça. Mais uma dica de segurança é seguir o WordPress security checklist, uma série de passos para evitar problemas com o seu site:



Foto: Tim Lee

WordCamp Europe Second day recap

The second day of WordCamp Europe I saw some familiar faces that I saw the last day, for example, Kat a Woocommerce employee, she is responsible for documenting the plugins and API inside Woothemes. Andres the guy that works at WPML, Julia a German girl works as a freelancer in Berlin. Theses things make the event easier because I started to know the people and know whom I asked what I need do.

My Task

Now was in the registration; this time was a little hard because, I needed to give many different pieces of information about the event, about the rules, how solved some small problems. But was good to practice my English.

After the registration, I finish my tasks in te second day and at 11 AM I went to Halle E to watch the lectures, the first that I saw was about rest API. I think this is the focus of Automatic in this time, Calypso, Rest API and REACT are present in all lectures about development. If you haven’t studied yet, you need look theses technologies.

When the second day ended, I was so tired but felt everything was good.

After the second day was the after party, I had to meet my friends in another party and just pass to say hello and decided to walk around the city before went to another place and this was the best idea. Wien at night is so beautiful, the architecture, the city centre, the lights everything creates a wonderful atmosphere. The city is incredible. After I was little walking through the city, I meet my Brazilian friend that works in Mailpoet, there we talked about work, life in Europe and remote jobs.

The contributor day

The last day was the contributor day, there were many tracks, that we could contribute to:

  • Community
  • Marketing
  • Theme Review
  • WordPress Core
  • Rest API
  • Translation

There we needed to choose one of these themes, and I decided Theme review was a good experience, in the first part, the Leader developer shows how to review a theme and give many tips. In the second part, we choose a Theme in the repository to review. For me was the first time that I reviewed a theme in the WordPress repository before I didn’t figure out this was so simple.

Last words

In resume work as a volunteer was the best thing that I decided to do in my time in Europe, I knew many people, getting touch with old friends. Was a big opportunity to know the European WordPress Community and was my first and biggest event as crew in Europe. Now I will start looking for another event here in Europe.

Wordcamp Europe first day recap

I finished my first experience as a volunteer in an IT event outside Brazil. Now I can say – It was amazing. Wordcamp Europe was a huge event with more than 1500 people from different nationalities. A crazy thing about Europe, here is easy to find different nationalities anywhere, imagine in a huge event like that. Many different cultures in a short distance if we compare it to Brazil. But sometimes language is not a real problem most of then speak english. It is possible speak with, Polish, German, Dutch, Finnish…

It is time

On Friday at 7:30AM some volunteers were there waiting to the doors open, some of them knew each others, because two days before happened some warm up events. When they opened the doors to us, we got the last instructions to start to work in the event: where the stages were, what our tasks were etc…. At 8:30AM the doors WERE opened for attendants. The same problem about registration happened in any WordCamp around the world, a huge group arrived at the same time and we needed to make the things go quickly. But always before the first lecture the groups were inside the event. This moment reminded of WordCamp São Paulo.

9:30AM I STARTED to WORK: door guard. What I need to do? Things like: Pass instructions about the Stage, informations about the schedule, show the directions to other stages and close the door when the place is full. Easy? A little. It was good because I started to speak a lot, I enjoyed the time to practice my english during two hours, The plan was to stays there only one hour, but the time passed by and I didn’t notice. When I finished I got another task: to organise the vegetarian line to the lunch. And my last task was inside the Swag station.

The lectures

After my work I could watch one lecture about Calypso the new react WordPress API, Matias presented this lecture, I met him in my first WordCamp São Paulo. The second lecture that I saw was with Erica she talked about the duties and challenges of being a “Happiness Engineer”.

The first day was little hard. When I arrived there I was tired because I went to another trip before and started working in sequence, the first day I needed to know many things about the event, many new words, new friends. But I love Wordcamps and this made things easier.

I was a Wordcamp organiser and volunteer in Brazil for a long time and the feeling is the same in another country, the first minutes when the people started to arrive, at the same time I started to think about all the things we need to do the best event, I started to feel the adrenaline to make things work.