WordCamp Europe Second day recap

The second day of WordCamp Europe I saw some familiar faces that I saw the last day, for example, Kat a Woocommerce employee, she is responsible for documenting the plugins and API inside Woothemes. Andres the guy that works at WPML, Julia a German girl works as a freelancer in Berlin. Theses things make the event easier because I started to know the people and know whom I asked what I need do.

My Task

Now was in the registration; this time was a little hard because, I needed to give many different pieces of information about the event, about the rules, how solved some small problems. But was good to practice my English.

After the registration, I finish my tasks in te second day and at 11 AM I went to Halle E to watch the lectures, the first that I saw was about rest API. I think this is the focus of Automatic in this time, Calypso, Rest API and REACT are present in all lectures about development. If you haven’t studied yet, you need look theses technologies.

When the second day ended, I was so tired but felt everything was good.

After the second day was the after party, I had to meet my friends in another party and just pass to say hello and decided to walk around the city before went to another place and this was the best idea. Wien at night is so beautiful, the architecture, the city centre, the lights everything creates a wonderful atmosphere. The city is incredible. After I was little walking through the city, I meet my Brazilian friend that works in Mailpoet, there we talked about work, life in Europe and remote jobs.

The contributor day

The last day was the contributor day, there were many tracks, that we could contribute to:

  • Community
  • Marketing
  • Theme Review
  • WordPress Core
  • Rest API
  • Translation

There we needed to choose one of these themes, and I decided Theme review was a good experience, in the first part, the Leader developer shows how to review a theme and give many tips. In the second part, we choose a Theme in the repository to review. For me was the first time that I reviewed a theme in the WordPress repository before I didn’t figure out this was so simple.

Last words

In resume work as a volunteer was the best thing that I decided to do in my time in Europe, I knew many people, getting touch with old friends. Was a big opportunity to know the European WordPress Community and was my first and biggest event as crew in Europe. Now I will start looking for another event here in Europe.

Por Fellyph Cintra

Fellyph Cintra é um Google Developer Expert focado em tecnologias web, com participação ativa na comunidade WordPress. Com mais de 14 anos de experiência no mercado, Fellyph já palestrou em mais de 30 eventos ao redor do Brasil e Europa, sempre abordando as boas práticas de desenvolvimento na web.

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