WordCamp Europe Second day recap

The second day of WordCamp Europe I saw some familiar faces that I saw the last day, for example, Kat a Woocommerce employee, she is responsible for documenting the plugins and API inside Woothemes. Andres the guy that works at WPML, Julia a German girl works as a freelancer in Berlin. Theses things make the event easier […]

Eventos com React

Quando trabalhamos com vanilla JavaScript temos várias formas de trabalhar com eventos, adicionando atributos no nosso elemento html, definindo o atributo no JavaScript ou adicionando um listener, direto no elemento HMTL seria da seguinte forma: Este método trás muitos problemas, por exemplo, manutenção e gerenciamento de eventos. Outro formato adicionando um listener: React tem seu […]

Wordcamp Europe first day recap

I finished my first experience as a volunteer in an IT event outside Brazil. Now I can say – It was amazing. Wordcamp Europe was a huge event with more than 1500 people from different nationalities. A crazy thing about Europe, here is easy to find different nationalities anywhere, imagine in a huge event like […]