Wordcamp Europe first day recap

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I finished my first experience as a volunteer in an IT event outside Brazil. Now I can say – It was amazing. Wordcamp Europe was a huge event with more than 1500 people from different nationalities. A crazy thing about Europe, here is easy to find different nationalities anywhere, imagine in a huge event like that. Many different cultures in a short distance if we compare it to Brazil. But sometimes language is not a real problem most of then speak english. It is possible speak with, Polish, German, Dutch, Finnish…

It is time

On Friday at 7:30AM some volunteers were there waiting to the doors open, some of them knew each others, because two days before happened some warm up events. When they opened the doors to us, we got the last instructions to start to work in the event: where the stages were, what our tasks were etc…. At 8:30AM the doors WERE opened for attendants. The same problem about registration happened in any WordCamp around the world, a huge group arrived at the same time and we needed to make the things go quickly. But always before the first lecture the groups were inside the event. This moment reminded of WordCamp São Paulo.

9:30AM I STARTED to WORK: door guard. What I need to do? Things like: Pass instructions about the Stage, informations about the schedule, show the directions to other stages and close the door when the place is full. Easy? A little. It was good because I started to speak a lot, I enjoyed the time to practice my english during two hours, The plan was to stays there only one hour, but the time passed by and I didn’t notice. When I finished I got another task: to organise the vegetarian line to the lunch. And my last task was inside the Swag station.

The lectures

After my work I could watch one lecture about Calypso the new react WordPress API, Matias presented this lecture, I met him in my first WordCamp São Paulo. The second lecture that I saw was with Erica she talked about the duties and challenges of being a “Happiness Engineer”.

The first day was little hard. When I arrived there I was tired because I went to another trip before and started working in sequence, the first day I needed to know many things about the event, many new words, new friends. But I love Wordcamps and this made things easier.

I was a Wordcamp organiser and volunteer in Brazil for a long time and the feeling is the same in another country, the first minutes when the people started to arrive, at the same time I started to think about all the things we need to do the best event, I started to feel the adrenaline to make things work.

Por Fellyph Cintra

Fellyph Cintra é um Google Developer Expert focado em tecnologias web, com participação ativa na comunidade WordPress. Com mais de 14 anos de experiência no mercado, Fellyph já palestrou em mais de 30 eventos ao redor do Brasil e Europa, sempre abordando as boas práticas de desenvolvimento na web.

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