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Wordcamp Dublin 2017

Last year I’ve moved to Dublin and had a chance to participate on three WordCamps in Europe. London, Vienna, and Belfast. The last one I did a presentation, was crazy because I replace a speaker 12 hours before the presentation. But in the end was nice the support that the community gives me, and I did my first presentation in Europe.

And this year I was selected to do a presentation on WordCamp Dublin 2017 will be my first WordCamp this year, Dublin is special because is a huge IT polo and Europe and a WordCamp here has a special meaning.  The event happens during two days  14 and 15 of October, two days talking about: Theme development, Boilerplating, Accelerated Mobile Pages, Content, SEO, Workflow, and E-commerce.

You can check the schedule here:


Who knows the WordCamp, know the price is so low compared other events. The tickets are priced at  €35.


So have a look and see you there!

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