Dublin Geral

First month again

Here I’m again, my second first month in Dublin. The first time as a student, eight months living in Dublin was a great experience. Broke some concepts and rebuilt me again, an exchange after 30 years was a great experience. One day I told to a friend “we don’t travel abroad, we travel internally in ourselves”. Get out of the comfort zone make us look for ourselves in a pure state, we are abroad without family, friends and masks that we were building during years trying to be someone that we want to be, but sometimes not exactly who we are.

Now it’s a new time, After two months waiting for my visa, I  started to work in a digital agency Inspiration Marketing. Now I already know the city, understand how the city works, how the seasons works here, we are like old friends. But now I have a different feeling, the relationship between Dublin and me have another meaning. I have the possibility to make real plans, with a job it’s possible to make plans for a long time.

Every day wake up at 6:45 AM, prepare my lunch, take the DART to my job, work the whole day and back top home. The classes are substituted for normal work days, but I still learn the routine with native speakers are totally different than students. My team is so patient they know “I’m not a native speaker.”

During the first days; I figured out that I didn’t see so much the city like when was a student, the time for entertainment it’s more restrict, but It’s not so bad I have more time to planning my trips and my routine in Ireland.

It’s just a begin, I’m happy about everything and waiting the whole new experiences that will come.

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