Back to Dublin

Was a long wait after a period of two months in Brazil now I’m back to Dublin, but during this time visited some friends and stay close with my family. This break happens because I was waiting for my work permit in Ireland.

How was in Brazil?

But was a good time to see that something never changes in Brazil and another that I didn’t spect started to change. I meet some friends that are trying make the difference in some cities. There is a development about IT in Caruaru my hometown that I was proud to discover it, but the city is ten years late, there are plans to make a technological park, but this thing must do ten years ago, and I hope this project turns reality.

The return

After a huge holiday, I’m back to Dublin; this time is different. I’m not a student now; I have a job and a routine. Now my life is entirely different even I live in the same city and the same house. Sometimes I looked to some students comes a nostalgic feeling, but this time pass and now started a new cycle.

I begun to work in a digital agency called the company is specialised in WordPress websites it’s good to come back to a digital agency in another country it is a new experience.

Next steps

My plan for this year is to improve my skills, participate more in the European WordPress community. Continue to be a volunteer in the events around Europe and started more personal projects, use more new stuff like Angularjs 2 and React.js.

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