Almost one year…

On January I arrived in Ireland as an employee, arrived during the winter something that I already experienced here. But was different than the first time here. My friends the big part came back to Brazil, my flatmate changed a bit. The new routine was an intensive learning time.

After 6 months my connections with Brazil started to be more memories, my life move and the life of my friends also move. I tried to make more connections here in Ireland, connect my life with that new place, a and started to look for some social activity and I found the Coder Dojo was the best thing that I discovered to do on my free time.

The summer arrived and I went for the first time to a beach in Dublin, was I nice experience, a perfect sunny day it is a big event in Dublin, but the best thing is to see that everybody changes, some of them took a day off just to chill out in the sun. Some Irishes with red faces, wearing summer clothes and with a big smile.

I bought my first bike in Ireland, start to cycling to work a big part of the path close to the sea, really relaxing activity before work. I really love to do it. The problem has energy to cycling 28km every day(14km each way). My English is better but I have a long path to few comfortable with that. A work routine changes a lot and now I have more non-Brazilian friends this let me speak more English, this helps a lot.

It’s fall again new cycle start and now I few more prepared for that.

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